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Virginia radio company cuts ties with China after becoming static | News

A Virginia Radio Company who was paid millions of dollars to broadcast the Chinese Communist Party propaganda says she cut ties with China after coming under intense scrutiny, including over $100,000 small business loan has received during the pandemic.

Brian Lane, co-owner of the Potomac Radio Group, told the Washington Examiner this week, the station is changing its programming format and will no longer respond to Beijing’s auction.

“We no longer offer Chinese content,” Lane said. “We’re moving to a time-brokering station that will air various shows, including shows in Spanish.”

A registration under the Foreign Agents Registration Act by Potomac in December said the “foreign principal” for Potomac was the China Global Television Network, which is under the control of the CCP’s Publicity Department. Potomac owns WCRW AM 1190, which is heard in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. The company admitted he had been paid nearly $4.4 million by CGTN and the CCP-affiliated China Radio International from 2019 to 2021.


But a new FARA repository submitted last week revealed that Potomac had ended its relationship with CGTN. The company also claimed that it had not received any payments from China in the past six months, but added, “CHINA GLOBAL TELEVISION NETWORK (CGTN): Registrants are awaiting final payment.”

Lane did not respond to questions about these expected payments.

A source familiar with the matter told the Washington Examiner Last month, the SBA asked fraud experts to undertake a post-forgiveness review of the small business loan and referred the controversy to the SBA inspector general for investigation.

WCRW of the Potomac spear The bridge podcast in August 2020, co-hosted by John St. Augustine of Chicago and Zhou Heyang of CRI. episodes of the podcast featured St. Augustine and Zhou praising China’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, while St. Augustine repeatedly attacked the US response and said he doesn’t care about the origin of COVID-19.

St. Augustine served as a producer for Dr. Oz, while Beijing-based Zhou is a prominent Chinese state media host.

In December 2020 episode titled “The Angry American,” St. Augustine ranted about America’s response to the virus.

“I’m not a fan of the American people today,” he said, complaining about US policy toward COVID-19 as Zhou touted China’s policies. “I’m embarrassed. It shouldn’t be like this. We’re doing this to each other now – no matter how it happened, how it started.”


Avoiding swearing, Saint Augustine added: “I don’t care about a shirt where [COVID-19] came from. I don’t care where it started.”

the podcast seemed to be the main effort of the AM radio station – a promotion for it encompassed the whole home page from the station’s website. The podcast did 366 daily episodes from August 2020 to August 2021. The podcast was still featured on the AM radio station’s website as recently as late December, according to a web archive, before being taken down. The whole WCRW site now appears have been deleted.

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