Radio producer

This globe-trotting Seattle radio producer has a serious style

Style me pretty
“I am very skeptical of the trends,” says Gyimah-Brempong. “I think there are a lot of ideas that force us to keep going at the same pace with pieces that really don’t look good on everyone.” She believes people should dress to complement their figure, a lesson she learned early on as a sewing fan and personal stylist. “My mother is a banker, and I ended up doing her hair because she was stuck in the early 90s”, she “Then all her powerful friends, who had the resources but not much time, asked me to help them redo their wardrobes too. “

Outside of Africa
From 2012 to 2013, Gyimah-Brempong lived and worked in the Nigerian capital Abuja while his father ran a think tank there. In this city, she developed relationships with tailors who made dresses from Pinterest images she found. “A lot of the pieces were inspired by the 50s and accentuated my waist, which gave me a lot more confidence while I was living there.” Afropolitanism – a term that refers to Africans who incorporate outside cultures and ideas into their daily lives – is one way she describes her designs: from dresses to classic Western silhouettes using brightly colored Ankara fabrics and geometric prints. “It merged the two sides of my personality,” she says.

Earrings: those of Gyimah-Brempong

Mammoth ivory ring: Purchased in Genoa, Italy

View bonus photos from the photo shoot with Seattle Hayley Young magazine photographer below.


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