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The episode of the radio program takes its story from the legends of Mukwonago

MUKWONAGO – A good, compelling story will always find its audience, even when the story spans from Mukwonago to Los Angeles.

Of course, adding a touch of drama certainly helps.

So this was a story that evolved from a fire in May 2017 at a construction site for an apartment building – which in itself would hardly be worthy of a radio drama in the world. old, with the exception of unfounded legends about the surrounding properties.

The end result was the retelling of the story on “Suspense,” a weekly Los Angeles-based radio show that bills itself as an anthology of “notable melodramas from stage and screen, fiction and drama. radio”.

Todd Ciske, Managing Director, Program Director and Founder of Mukwonago WFAQ-LP FM radio station, helped John Alsedek, who runs the Blue Hour Productions program, lean on Mukwonago for possible drama.

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Story full of suspense

Essentially, it started off as factual reporting, but turned into a fictional tale that was “perfect for ‘Suspense’,” Ciske said.

The Premier Woods complex, at the northwest corner of ES Freeway (Main Street) and Phantom Woods Road, was under construction and vacant when a fire broke out on May 3. Although there is no indication of paranormal activity in police reports, the fire was classified as “suspicious”, not least because the site was not yet supplied with electricity at the time.

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“John and I chat regularly, and he’s always on the lookout for new story ideas,” Ciske said. “He became aware of a fire that occurred at an apartment building construction site in Mukwonago about a year ago, and with some research, he discovered that the (surrounding property) may have – to be a haunted legend, as previous properties have known similar fates. “

Just great stories, no doubt. But something to build a fictionalized thriller on nonetheless.

The half-hour story revolves around a mother, Lucy Travers, and her 16-year-old daughter, Cassie, who from the start has been unhappy with their move to Blood Street and Phantom Lake. – “from the name of an old Native American legend about a water spirit and a girl he claimed for his fiancée”, according to the script of the episode.

You might be able to guess where the story goes, as the girl scours the neighborhood in search of odd jobs for school money and stumbles upon a strange house with a dark past.

Local references

Alsedek co-wrote the episode, simply titled “Mukwonago,” in which Ciske himself has a small voice as the Sheriff’s Deputy, but area residents will appreciate the local place names and local names even more. other references, Ciske said.

The story also includes a reference to Waukesha.

“There are a lot of local references: the family moves to Blood Street (a real street name) in Mukwonago, the story surrounds the legend of Phantom Lake, and so on,” Ciske said.

Alsedek said he was not so concerned with the details of the actual fire as he was with the history he could build around it based on the legend of the lake.

“For other elements, such as the spirit of Phantom Lake, I took inspiration from local traditions. There is a local YMCA camp blog that has been very helpful,” he said.

Hear it

The episode, which like other episodes of “Suspense” will air on WFAQ (101.3 FM), earned one of its voice actors, Kate Scott, a nomination for a Young Entertainers Award. It also includes the voice work of actors Marilyn Ghigliotti, Susan Eisenberg, Joe Ochman and Dana Perry-Hayes, who also co-wrote the episode.

Check the station’s website at for more information, including when the episode will air locally. “We expect a bit of promotion / buildup ahead of the release date, yet to be determined,” Ciske said.

For listeners elsewhere, the episode can be listened to via a Soundcloud link at

The program is a cover of the classic radio show “Suspense” which aired on CBS Radio from 1942 to 1962. Alsedek reintroduced the show in 2012 for Sirius XM Radio. He said the modern version had been heard on 300 radio stations, including Radio New Zealand, and had been offered as an iTunes / Soundcloud podcast version since June 2016.


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