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Seniors relaunch radio show to welcome neighbors

Holly Creek DJs Celebrate New Resident Stories Live

Residents of a Centennial retirement community have found a unique way to help their new neighbors feel welcome. Over the past year, many new residents to Holly Creek Life Plan Community have not had the usual opportunities to make friendships – many have been quarantined after moving in, and most community activity has been shut down. offered virtually to protect the health of residents. Now that all residents are vaccinated, two of the community’s resident DJs are using Holly Creek’s own radio station, HCRK, to share the life stories of their new neighbors.

“What we did was talk to the new people and themselves,” shares Priscilla Stenman. For years, Priscilla and her compatriot Marty Lamm hosted UNHCRK’s “Wanderings”, a show where they began to share the interesting stories of their neighbors over the community airwaves. During the COVID-19 issues, the two ladies were unable to broadcast with others in the Holly Creek radio room due to social distancing regulations.

Priscilla Stenman and Marty Lamm (right) on HCRK radio station

“We weren’t roaming for about a year, then someone suggested we focus on new people moving in. We had about 40 new people moving in last year,” Marty Lamm explained. . The dynamic radio duo rose to the challenge by relaunching the program to air once a week on Friday mornings. On each show, Stenman, Lamm, or both (if possible) interview a couple or individual new to the community by asking questions about their lives.

“We also put the photos of the interviewees on Holly Creek’s in-house TV station so that people listening can also see their photos,” Lamm added. “Not everyone watches the show, but there is a great group doing it and they found it really interesting. You find out all kinds of things. Everyone has a story – they think no, but It’s always like that. “

From a parachutist who made eighteen jumps in the 82sd Airborne Division and also sang in the St. John’s Boy’s Choir to a neighbor who opened some of Denver’s best lingerie stores to the former Director of Transportation who helped select the location of the International Airport from Denver, Stenman and Lamm have had no shortage of interesting stories to share. They have successfully interviewed over ten couples / individuals over the past two months, with many more expected in the coming weeks.

“It helps find commonalities – when others here have done the same things,” Stenman explained. “It also piques people’s curiosity and leads to conversation on topics. A lot of people really welcomed them after they were on the radio – that’s the goal, that we help introduce these people to the community.

Lamm and Stenman are grateful to be able to meet and learn more about their new neighbors. “I feel so lucky because it is a privilege to speak to these people… I am rich in new friendships,” said Stenman. “Just knowing that these people are here looking at their lives is such a rich experience for us. “

And after the initial on-air nervousness subsides, many interviewees are also grateful for the experience. “We have a lot of people who go on to say to us ‘Oh, that was fun. I haven’t thought about it (memory) for a long time.’”

Located at 5500 E. Peakview Avenue in Centennial, Holly Creek is owned and operated by Denver-based nonprofit Christian Living Communities. CLC has been providing quality senior care in the South Denver metro area since 1972. For more information, visit


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