See how to solve your debts online and for free

Currently, with the economic crisis, many people are accumulating debts and ending up being denied credit protection agencies, such as SCPC and Serasa.

According to information from the Credit Protection Service (SPC), overdue accounts are part of the practice of many Brazilian families. And as most are looking for quick results, they end up in an even more complicated situation and get involved in more expenses.

So if you need help getting rid of your debts, we separate out some tips on how to normalize your financial situation in the best possible way and solve your debts in an easy and online way. Check out our suggestions:

Which platforms can help clear your name?

Debts online

The Serasa program was created to make life easier for creditors. The institution offers this service so that the user can normalize his name in the square.

In order to access these institutions, the user must first register on the Serasa website. Once your registration is complete, simply go to the Clean Your Name tab and see if the company you’re owed for is included in the project.

If the lender is participating in this action, just click on the institution’s link. Thus, the user will have access to the means of payment, and plans to pay off their debts, just set the option that you want to install.

After discharge of debt, your name is excluded from the Serasa system, ranging from 5 to 7 days.

The SCPC Online Negotiator

This is another tool that was developed for those who want to leave their financial problems up to date.

Thus, like other online trading platforms, it is also necessary to make an online registration here, in which the client must inform the CPF number and send a proof of residence for analysis.

Through the registration, the user has access to the information and is aware of the options for the payment of the debt. If you are not satisfied with the proposal, the debtor must make a counter-proposal.

Once both parties reach a financial agreement, the individual will be able to print the ticket to clear his name and re-acquire credit in the trade.

Other Options for Debt Settlement

Banks and shops

Nowadays, some banks such as Caixa Econômica Federal, Banco do Brasil, Bradesco and Santander also offer options for consumers to renegotiate their financial backlog and make available applications for this purpose.

These devices can be downloaded through operating systems on devices with Android and iOS systems.

The customer can also pay their commitments through online systems made available by banks and lending shops.

Some establishments have adopted this practice to make life easier for customers. For this, just consult the internet if the company that you are owing offers on your site conditions for online payment with proposals for debt renegotiation and installments accessible for discharge.

With the accounts up-to-date, or by taking out the first installment of the agreement, your data is excluded from the creditor company’s information bank within 5-7 business days.

Pay by phone

Despite the internet facilities, there are still companies that do not have the option to pay the debt online.

Therefore, some companies choose to contact the debtors by telephone, or through a Call Center to request payment, or offer a proposal for payment of the outstanding debt.

Although it is less convenient, this practice also facilitates the life of the debtors. And in the payment of the first installment, the company already removes the customer information from its database.

Debts online

You need financial control to settle your debts.

Which companies offer online loan?

In addition to credit protection services, other internet platforms are available to help people renegotiate their financial backlogs, such as:


The company acts as a banking correspondent and has a platform with international technology. Moneyman presents some guarantees to offer the best option according to your financial situation.

In a matter of minutes, the program reviews a number of situations to make the most appropriate and objective decision, which offers customers a credit option with convenience and flexibility.

At Moneyman, the online lease may vary from customer to customer. You do the simulation and choose the value you want to request. In general, the shortest period for the discharge of benefits varies from 3 to 12 months, with the interest rate of 17.99% per month.

Biz Capital

Before applying for your loan, the user needs to complete a registration with all of his information. Once you’ve done that, just wait up to 48 hours for the financial system to analyze all information and approve your credit application.

After being approved by the platform, the user can make a credit simulation, send their documents, sign the contract and receive the requested amount directly in the account. The company provides on its website loans ranging from R $ 5 thousand to R $ 150 thousand, and with installments of up to 18 times.


The site makes online business loans and links these companies to investors. The entire process is carried out simply and quickly.

In online simulation, the customer can put the desired value and the number of installments that can go up to 24 times. Nexoos’s interest rate ranges from 1.30% to 3.23% per month. Most of the time, the entrepreneur does not need to present collateral to get his loan application.


Similar to the previous one, Biva also makes loans to companies with high profitability. The loans are made with rates ranging up to 2% per month. In addition, the approval process is carried out quickly and without collateral requirements.

Debts online

Currently, there are numerous options for anyone looking to renegotiate their debts.


The company was founded in 2014 with the purpose of offering online credit to indebted people. In a simple and innovative way, the client can inform the value of the personal credit, send their data and wait for the financial analysis.

The amount of the loan online ranges from $ 500 to $ 3,500. The platform offers its customers options for repayment of installments ranging from 3 to 12 installments, with interest rates around 15.80 to 17.90% per month.

What are the advantages of internet trading?

The internet offers several advantages, among them:

  • Comfort and safety;
  • Speed ​​of negotiations;
  • It eliminates the tension that many in debt face when it comes to dealing face to face with your lender;
  • It increases the possibilities for a good agreement between both parties.

However, it should be noted that online negotiations also have some drawbacks.

Some experts believe that a face-to-face conversation shows the willingness of the defaulter to renegotiate their debt as quickly as possible, and this gives them greater discounts.

How to find reliable companies on the internet?

Just as the internet offers facilities, it is also necessary to be careful when applying for a loan or to pay off your debts, so it is important to consider some factors:

Seek transparency and ease on websites

It is important to choose companies that have clear descriptions of your services as well as extensive FAQs if you have questions about the services offered.

Various financing and loan options

Reliable companies are always willing to settle their debts and offer several options so you can reach an agreement.

The Low Interest platform offers more than 30 loan options, but you decide who to hire at the end. The service contract does not use small print and does not require advance payments. At the time, the customer can compare several companies in one place. Simulate now.