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Radio theater show ‘ON AIR’ resumes after Covid-19 hiatus, 2pm lineup, iKON members

In July, fans were excited about the new entertainment show “On Air – Spinoff”. Unfortunately, after a staff member ended up with Covid-19, Noir’s Minhyuk also tested positive. Production on the show halted as the cast and crew were tested and placed in a two-week quarantine. At the time, the idols involved in the show included Yubin, Wonho, Dongpyo from Mirae, Heo Chan from Victon, Sejun, Yerin from GFriend and Jay aka Jinhwan from iKON. The show has been postponed indefinitely, with fans wondering when it will resume.

On November 23, fans finally got information about the long-awaited show. The interactive theatrical show in visible radio format, where K-pop stars communicate directly and answer questions from their fans, finally picks up with a confirmed premiere date, location, ticket sales and new lineup. The show was also renamed simply “ON AIR”. While we can’t see all of the former cast members, as these idols are busy with their individual schedules, the lineup is always strewn with stars. The idols who will be DJing on the show are Jun.K from 2PM, Jinhwan from iKON, Baek A-yeon, Dongpyo from Mirae, Joochan and Y from Golden Child. The only idols from the original lineup that have remained are Jinhwan, Baek A-yeon, and Dongpyo.

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The cast includes Jun.K of 2PM, Jinhwan of iKON, Baek A-yeon, Dongpyo of Mirae, Joochan and Y of Golden Child (@ jun2dakay, @gnani_____, @ayeoniiiiii, @official__mirae, @ official_gncd11 / Instagram)

What is “ON AIR”

Besides the idols who will play the role of DJs in different episodes of the series, we also have actors like Yoo Jae-pil, Ryubi, Han Jun-yong and Yoon Hyung-seok. Yoo Jae-pil and Ryubi were part of the original “On Air” series which first aired in 2014. Following the popularity of the show, Shinswave Production launched the “ON AIR” spin-off. Previously known as “On Air – Spinoff”, “ON AIR” will air from December 10 to February 27, 2022. It is a hybrid event as fans can attend it in person and also broadcast it live. in line. The program will be held at Daehangno YES24 Stage Hall 2 and will be broadcast live on Meta Theater. Tickets can be purchased by YES24 and Ticket link starting November 26 at 4 p.m. KST (3 a.m. ET).

Like the previous editions, “ON AIR” is a musical with a visible theater-style radio format with the theme “A day of meetings between idols and fans”. Fans can radio their stories to idol DJs, and the cast will then piece those stories together. Idol DJs can also connect with fans by directly answering questions sent to them and sharing similar stories. We’ll also have other K-pop idols and musical actors appearing in different episodes and get behind-the-scenes commentary on the series. The latest edition, “On Air: The Secret Contract” involved Sandara Park, Golden Child’s Joochan, Super Junior members and Seventeen’s Mingyu.

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