Post Office loans for retired

There are categories of pensioners who have different channels for obtaining loans

Those of the public administration , for example, can apply for the former INPDAP loan (now INPS), while the Italian Post Office has reserved a special program: the Quinto Bancoposta .

What is it about exactly? The Quinto Bancoposta is a loan formula for retired INPS and INPDAP (but also for public employees). One of its main features is the supply flexibility: it can also be requested by those who have financial difficulties and other forms of financing.

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This last point is particularly important because in many cases the loan for pensioners is blocked due to economic conditions and reasons not in line with the requests of the body that grants the sum of money. In addition, the Quinto Bancoposta does not need a bank or post office account.

The sum of the loan is directly linked to the starting pension and can be easily calculated thanks to the assignment of the fifth


In fact, even post office loans for pensioners allow the sum to be repaid by subtracting the installment upstream.

In fact, even before the pension arrives, the Italian Post Office withdraws part of the pension plus interest. This part of the pension corresponds to the fifth part of the general sum, and is a method that on the one hand ensures the total return of the sum and on the other the tranquility of the pensioner who can access the credit without problems.

The Quinto Bancoposta loan can last from 36 to 120 months and needs life insurance coverage. The latter is mandatory by law, and is borne by the bank. Among the key features of this loan:

  • No early repayment charges
  • No accessory commission

Getting a Quinto Bancoposta loan is simpler than expected : just go to an Italian Post Office with ID, health card and pension slip. This form of loan for former civil servants is perfect for those with low pensions, bad payers, protesters and retirees who have other loans in progress.

Merit of the fifth assignment that allows the institution that grants the loan to have a secure source for the monthly installment: there is no connection between the individual and the money to be returned, it is taken directly from the source: an extra security for those he asks and for whom he gives the loan.