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New Nova CEO Peter Charlton talks about the future of the radio company

Nova Entertainment announced on Monday that after 18 years with the company, including 12 years as CEO, Cathy O’Connor would be leaving Nova. In the same announcement, Nova’s commercial director, Peter Charlton has been confirmed as the new CEO of the company.

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Charlton has been Commercial Director for eight years and has worked with Nova in various roles since August 2012.

Media week met the new Australian Media CEO who said he was excited about the new role and hopefully very well equipped thanks to the eight-year apprenticeship he did under the guidance of Cathy O’Connor.

“It was an aspiration and Cathy made it really easy in terms of succession, and we’ve worked very closely over the past 8 years with her and people like Paul Jackson as a tight-knit team. Over the past two years, Cathy has also developed more general skills throughout the company.

Charlton said that while a succession plan is always difficult, he is inheriting a solid situation and he needs to make sure he’s completely through all parts of the business to keep Nova on his current trajectory.

“We are a very close-knit leadership team that has been consistent over the past couple of years and have a very clear strategy on what we want to do and I just have to take that reins and continue what has been a very successful strategy for us. . “

“We want to maximize our strength in terms of radio listening and increase our revenue share in a recovering market and that’s the hard part.

“The media market was cut this year and that was never the plan for any of us. We need to work closely with advertisers to give them exactly what they want to help them get out of what has been a difficult time for all of us.

“We are obsessed with securing our digital future. These are new opportunities for consumers to interact and for us to create a connected experience so that we can better understand consumers and give that back to the advertising community.

Charlton has chosen an interesting time to occupy the hot seat of one of Australia’s largest media companies, in the midst of a pandemic.

“Anyone who does media work is interesting and difficult. We’ve all faced challenges this year that we didn’t want or expect. I hope we are at the start of the recovery and I feel comfortable working in the radio industry as we are at the start of the recovery.

“I’m just happy to have the opportunity under whatever conditions we find ourselves in.”

Asked about the positives and negatives of Nova, the company’s new CEO said:

“The positives are the fact that we have experienced 11 years of growth in terms of audience, revenue and profitability. And we’ve been a lasting brand that has stayed true to its brand attributes.

“All of the negatives we have are shared by a media industry going through difficult times. Our income has gone down which we are not used to and this is negative for all the activities you do.

When asked what he thinks makes a good CEO, Charlton said, “They are passionate about the industry in which they operate. They are far-sighted and can predict future trends. And they’re always tough, especially during success.


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