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New mission-oriented radio program launched on July 31 on more than 140 stations nationwide

Missions Today will introduce today’s change makers and explore the question: How does God call us to reinvent global missions?

CHICAGO – Resource Global (RG) today announces the launch of new radio and podcast on July 31 Missions today, developed with host, producer and radio veteran Collin Lambert.

Missions today is a 26-minute weekly program that brings to life the cutting edge work stories and trends of today’s global missions, including:

  • Profiles of leaders on the front lines of missionary work, from pastors and non-profit organizations to market leaders;
  • Examples of successful “missionary entrepreneurship” from individuals who use for-profit businesses and entities to advance missionary awareness;
  • Bible teaching from a wide variety of global voices that motivate current missions and ministry work;
  • Practical ways for all of us can engage the world church and mission work to reach a world lost for Christ.

The program will start on more than 140 stations. As of July 31, listeners will be able to find the program on the Moody Radio Network nationwide and Kinship Radio in Minnesota / Iowa Saturdays at 2 p.m. CT and Way Radio in Florida (Jacksonville / St. Augustine) Saturdays at 8 am ET. Also, listen to it on The bridge in Austin, Texas, from Sunday August 1 at 1 p.m. CT; Or on Radio that changes life in the New England area (RI, MA, NH and CT) from Sunday August 8.

If you can’t find a station near you, look for the Missions today podcast on your favorite podcast platform starting this Saturday. More information can be found at www.missionsau

Opening guests include:

  • July 31 / August 1 – Dr Paul Borthwick: The world is changing rapidly, as is the impact and epicenter of the church. What is the role of the western church in missions today? What is OUR role in the missions? Do we have to travel the world to have an impact? In today’s inaugural broadcast, Dr Paul Borthwick of Development Associates International takes us back to the Garden of Eden to examine God’s passion for people. It is a passion that seeks people, loves people and directs them to Christ. Learn more about the real heart of missions – it starts with great compassion and ends with the Great Commission.
  • August 7/8 – Sharon Hoover: How can your church choose the best ministries to partner with in missionary work? How many ministries should your church mission team assume as partners? How do you abandon a ministry that is no longer suitable? Should we see the missions as simply local or global? These are just a few of the questions our guest guest and global missions expert Sharon Hoover will tackle. If you enjoy missionary work or participate in missions in your church, this will be a valuable conversation to tap into!

“Through our work, we have come to understand that the approaches of missionaries today are different from what has been done in the past,” said Tommy Lee, president of Resource Global. “Resource Global is uniquely in the front row today to lead the discussion about what the church and market global missions look like in major cities around the world – especially among young market leaders. We are delighted to have someone like Collin to explore these themes and share the voices of leaders who are at the forefront of missionary work today.

Missions Today will be hosted by Christian radio veteran Collin Lambert, whose career spans four decades, multiple platforms, for-profit and non-profit radio stations, and international missions. Collin was vice president of Moody Radio and worked for the Christian broadcast channel for over 15 years. He has also worked in many areas of management, hosted a variety of programs on country, talk, Christian and jazz stations, conducted television shows, worked in the local church, planned major events, and hosted hundreds of events. ‘on-air fundraising hours. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of National Religious Broadcasters and as Director of Radio Products for Resource Global. Collin and his wife, Patti, have three grown children and live in their hometown of Austin, Texas. To get in touch with Collin, send an email [email protected]

About Resource Global

Resource Global’s mission is to teach, mentor and connect emerging Christian market leaders around the world, equipping them to have a transformative evangelistic impact where they work and live. To recommend a cohort mentee for our annual program or to serve as a teacher or mentor, visit Global resources.

We envision a global, connected movement of Christian leaders using their individual and collective influence to multiply the impact of the gospel in all sectors of society.


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