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Naga Munchetty reprimanded by radio producer after making cheeky sex prank live on air

Naga Munchetty found herself in rather warm water on Wednesday morning, after making a cheeky, live-air sexual joke.

The BBC Breakfast star was hosting his Radio 5 Live show starting at 10 a.m., explaining how Henry VIII chose his fourth wife, Anne of Cleves – while viewing a portrait of her.

Naga was chatting with Franny Moyle, author of The King’s Painter, when things first took a racy turn.

The star was busy comparing the portraits to the “edited” Instagram selfies of our internet age, and used the word “relationships” to refer to a sexual relationship.

“It was a long-distance engagement,” explained Franny. “When [the marriage] was delayed, he was furious. “

Naga couldn’t resist the cheeky joke of his radio show

She explained how Henry showed up in disguise to meet his fiancee, adding: “It was then that he realized he had made a terrible mistake, because the woman he met… he found her really unattractive. “

Henry then tried to get out of the marriage – but failed.

“So, did they have, uh, relationships?” She asked Franny about Henry’s inevitable marriage to Anne.

“No, they tried, it didn’t work. He found her so unattractive, he said, that he became helpless – he claims,” the historian explained.

The star spoke about the sex life of Henry VIII

But it was with Naga’s next guest Nick Hatfield that the producer was forced to step in and put a lid on things.

“See, all those edited selfies? This is nothing new!” Naga remarked. “I’m not saying they’re not worth it, by any means – they can be helpful, right Nick?”

He agreed, but couldn’t help but laugh at Naga when he asked, “Yeah. Relationships? Are you from the 19th century?”

“No!” Naga insisted. “Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky? ‘I didn’t have sex with this woman’. Relationships! I was polite!”

Naga recently played golf in Scotland

But Naga was quickly forced to hang on to the debate, as she announced, “I have a message from my producer – ‘Steady now’. He just texted me.”

“You have to be careful,” Nick warned.

Still laughing, Naga said, “Let’s go see the adult in the room now, Nick. You got the news!”

It comes after Naga’s unexplained absence from BBC Breakfast last week, which she usually presents on Thursdays and Fridays.

The star was actually in the Scottish Highlands playing golf – but fans were concerned when she did not appear on the red sofa.

The Scottish Golf Course tweeted last week: “It’s great to see the BBC’s Naga Munchetty play on the Links today at Fortrose & Rosemarkie Golf Club. Excellent player with a handicap of 7 too.”

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