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India News | Death of radio producer Rita Mukherjee: former CEO of AIR

New Delhi, Jun 16 (PTI) Radio producer Rita Mukherjee, who produced a number of wonderful shows and excelled in the medium, has passed away, a former managing director of All India Radio (AIR) said on Thursday.

Tributes poured in from various walks of life as news of his disappearance circulated on social media.

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Fayyaz Shehryar, former CEO of AIR, said: “The news is distressing.

“She lived alone in South Delhi. Rita Mukherjee was the Chief Producer of the National Feature Film Program at AIR when she reached retirement age about 20 years ago. She has produced a number of wonderful shows and excelled in the medium. She held the highest standards of broadcasting without compromise,” he said.

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The former senior AIR official said a maid alerted local police who then broke down the door to enter her house recently. Her body was then sent for an autopsy, meaning she died at home, alone and that is terrible, he said.

Shehryar also posted a photo of herself on her Twitter account and Facebook account, and paid tribute to the former colleague.

“She was awarded the creative outreach baton of #MelvilledeMellow & upheld ethics & served the public as per mandate, spared no one who attempted to smear or disparage @AkashvaniAIR’s hard-earned reputation. What now , at 81, she’s leaving for the next destination,” he tweeted.

In his Facebook post, he wrote: “Today, as I learn of the passing of Mrs. Rita Mukherjee, I look to the non-existent tree she watered, nurtured as chief producer of the national program of reporting. She produced broadcast wonders on sensitive topics. and also garnered international attention. She chose to get married in radio and embrace creative broadcasting and live a life as a clairvoyant of communicators who at the early 90s confidently said that “things in broadcasting will see professionals carrying begging bowls begging for mercy” Rita Ji was confident, fearless, principled and taught us to follow conscience and do regardless of the consequences.

Its broadcasts have been preserved in the libraries of various institutions, including the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), Shehryar said.

The ABU serves more than half of the world’s population as the world’s largest broadcasting union.

Broadcaster Rajiv Mehrotra also paid tribute to him in a Facebook post.

“Deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Rita JI (Mukherjee). An icon of public broadcasting, she nurtured and enabled generations of young Delhi students to find their voices and express their passions in the 1970s while experimenting with radio Many have gone on to climb the high peaks of professional success in broadcasting and media but also in various fields – Yuva Vani was one of the finest examples of independent public broadcasting democratized for & by young people (sic)”.

“She was a mentor, inspiration and guide in my humble work as a broadcaster. She was ‘Didi’, an older sister who helped me navigate many dark nights of my teenage world with a deep sense of empathy, affection and faith in my future. I owe her so much. May she remain forever blessed!!!!” he wrote.

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