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Hyoyeon and HA: TFELT (Yeeun) have “Wonder Generation” reunion on radio

Hyoyeon and HA: TFELT met on a radio show!

On April 19, the Girls’ Generation member and former Wonder Girls member appeared on “Ji Suk Jin’s 2 O’Clock Date” as guests.

Although they debuted around the same time, they shared that they didn’t have a lot of opportunities to speak while promoting with their groups. However, they shared that they got to know each other better later, with HA: TFELT explaining, “We met a lot at Fashion Week. We went to a lot of the same shows.

HA: TFELT and Hyoyeon both released new music on April 18 and revealed their thoughts on each other’s tracks. HA: TFELT commented: “[Hyoyeon’s] song is in fashion, and I once again felt that her voice is very charming. Hyoyeon replied, “Yeeun’s singing has always been excellent, but I think his voice stood out even more this time.”

During the show, they also answered a question about celebrities with whom they comfortably stay in touch. HA: TFELT replied, “I’ve been close to Shin Se Kyung since before he debuted, so we spent a lot of our youth together. I am also close to HyunA, who I attended church with recently. She is a friend that I can comfortably call at night. Hyoyeon chose her colleague Seohyun and added, “She always encourages me.”

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