How not to fall into the blow of the loan

The loan scam is a type of crime so common that it is not difficult to find someone who has already been through this sad situation. With the popularization of Internet use, this coup has also grown within the virtual world.

Here’s what you need to know about the loan scam and what to do to not be a victim of it.

Loan Strike: How Does It Work?

Figure 1. Requesting prepayment is the main feature of the loan shock Source: Economia Uol

This type of crime works basically the same way in all cases. A fictitious person or company offers an individual a specific amount in cash. However, before getting your hands on the much-dreamed value, you need to make a deposit into the account of this company.

The reason for this intriguing transaction would be the situation in which the interested party is. As it is negativado and without credit in the square, the anticipated deposit would be a type of guarantee that the company would have before releasing the agreed value.

To the unhappiness of the people, the promised loan is never realized, and the individual, already plunged into debt, finds himself lost, with his pocket emptied.

For some, it may seem inadmissible for anyone to believe in such a proposal, but it is something that happens a lot. The coup-takers take advantage of the moment of fragility, anguish and euphoria of the individual, when achieving the value so dreamed, to practice the crime.

To make matters worse, the amount charged to release the money is much lower than what the interested party is requesting. Therefore, it is easier to have the value at hand to offer it as a guarantee.

Another factor that favors this situation is the easy negotiation of this type of transaction over the internet. Without leaving home, someone in an alarming financial situation may be able to contact a fake company, transfer a value to their account and become another victim of this scam.

How not to fall?


Figure 2. Searching the internet for information on the company is key to not becoming a victim Source: Gazeta AMInumerous factors contribute to the success of this coup, but the lack of information is still the main one of them. In addition to knowing how the loan scam works and wary of such actions, you should also follow some valuable and efficient tips. See below:

Do not pay in advance

Serious companies never ask you to pay before for a loan you have not even received. Be wary of all the excuses and reasons that come up. This request is very common via internet, through online transfer, due to the practicality of the action.

On the other hand, it is common practice for credit companies to request the user’s bank account and password. If, after much research, you opt for a company that comes to make this request, do not worry, as it is a natural practice. This does not mean that any amount in your account will be charged.

Search the company on Google

Google is a great source of research and information. On sites like Reclame Here and Facebook you can find more information about the company, mainly reports of those who have already done some business with it.

Seek out as much information as you can and find out what the company’s positioning is on the statements of these consumers. Serious companies often respond to customer complaints. After all, reputation is paramount for them to return when they need it.

What if you find nothing relative to the company? Well, in this case, already consider this as an alert, because it is very strange that an organization has absolutely no means of online contact, something that is natural even in small companies.

Verify that the company is authorized to make loans


Maybe you do not know, but only those who can make loans are the financial institutions authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil or official representatives of these banks. Never carry out transactions with companies that do not have this profile.

Consult the CNPJ that the company presents, as well as the address and phone number. Make sure the data really belongs to it. Many scammers use the cadastral data of serious companies in the certainty that the customer will never mistrust or verify the veracity of the information.

Search for the security certificate

Whenever you are visiting the website of a company that is offering loans, look for the security certificate. Locating it is easy: just look for a small padlock on the left side of the address at the top of the page.

Fraudulent business websites do not have this lock, and if you do not find it, you already know that it is not a trusted organization.

Also, take a tour of the company website. Know the means of contact, the origin of the business, analysis including the company description in the “Who We Are” tab, for example, and look for typos. A poorly written text is another indication of coup companies.

Always distrust

Even if you are determined to make the loan you want, be sure to keep an eye out for small details that may go unnoticed but are crucial to identifying a scam.

Many fraudsters claim to be employees of a particular bank, but at the time of asking for such an advance payment, they provide an account with another bank or a current account of an individual – which is not understandable in any way.

Another very common practice is to simulate a set deadline for the duration of that fantastic offer. The intention is only to awaken in you the feeling of urgency and the fear of letting go of an opportunity “not to be missed”.

Do not blindly trust the good oratory of those on the other end of the line. Unfortunately, the fraudulent “companies” are specializing, and they are people who speak extremely well, are very knowledgeable about banking vocabulary, are attentive and above suspicion.

Do not be afraid to ask and clarify all your doubts. It is your right to be careful before taking such an important step.

Armed with all this information, it will be much easier for you, from now on, to get rid of the famous blow of the loan.

Lastly, if you need any financial value to pay off debts or buy a good, look for the companies accredited by the Central Bank. Conduct research on their history and relationship with their customers, take all the security measures and then take the definitive step in the realization of your dream.