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Global acquires local radio company Quidem

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By Chris Cooke | Posted on Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Media company Global bought another local radio company in England, although this acquisition is unlikely to be as visible on air given that the acquired company already broadcasts mostly produced by its new owner.

Global entered into a license agreement with Midlands-based Quidem in 2019. This means that the frequencies previously used by local radio stations owned by Quidem, Touch FM, Banbury Sound and Rugby FM, have all become new before- positions for Global’s Capital FM network.

Quidem was still responsible for the commercial and sales side of the stations, but the programming came mainly from Global’s London base, albeit with a localized show on driving time.

However, Global will now own and operate these stations as of right. The media company confirmed the purchase of Quidem to Radio Today, saying, “We can confirm the acquisition and are delighted to welcome Quidem to the Global family.”

Radio Today notes that under its licenses from the media regulator OfCom, Global will not be required to continue to broadcast a localized driving time program for the old Quidem frequencies, and may instead have a single program in that bracket. schedule in central England. Although it is not yet clear if this will happen.

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