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Gherkin Radio Theater: ‘Mr. Lincoln’s Wife “and” The Adaptive Ultimate “

Gherkin Radio Theater offers a double header for episode four:

“Mr. Lincoln’s Wife”, from The Cavalcade of America Show, starring Mary May as Mary Todd Lincoln, Jathan Black as Tad, Elias Black as Willie, Elizabeth Huntley as Emilie Todd , Tanalian Alsworth as Elizabeth, Shaylon Cochran and William Kerst as voice, Alyssa Murphy as Kate Chase, Joe Muchmore as Ben Helo, Ruairi Tuite as William Stodard, Dr Stephen White as doctor, Kristi Dillingham as nurse, Jenny Johnson as Mrs. Keckley, Rudie Scott as judge, Keri White as French mother, Caden McKinley as Robert and Elaina McKinley as Pierre.
“The Adaptive Ultimate”, from Escape, with Shaylon Cochran as Dr Daniel Scott, Benjamin Weagraff as Dr Bach, Sally Cassano as Kyra Zelas, Ethan White as Officer, Ruairi Tuite as as prosecutor and commentators, Sr. Stephen White as Salvatore, Ranger Fox as defense attorney, Josie Oliva as Mrs. Getz and Joe Muchmore as John Callan.

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Thank you, as always, to Dr Stephen White and Mary May of Gentle Dental in Soldotna!


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