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Do you want to be a radio producer? Here are 3 essential skills you will need

Clement Manyathela’s Across The Desk segment features 702 radio producers Clive Moagi and Nthateng Keogotsitse on their role in the profession.

With 21 years of experience between them, two 702 producers work in radio and are among the first responders for good and evil.

In command of the airwaves, radio producers are always ready to make sure presenters get to the end of any story not even a minute late.

Here are the skills that will make you reign supreme in this profession:

Sharp know-how of target audiences

Diversity is important to Radio Station 702 and producers are responsible for ensuring on-air content reflects this.

Moagi says it’s very important to maintain a diverse demographic of callers who go to the radio by balancing gender, race, age and social class.

We are a multiracial and diverse radio station, so listeners need to reflect that, they need to reflect the society we live in.

Clive Moagi, radio producer for The Breakfast Show with Bongani Bingwa

Handle difficult calls

Time is an important commodity on radio and producers are constantly watching the clock, however, some callers fail to understand that every request cannot be answered or addressed immediately.

Keogotsitse explains how she deals with sometimes very difficult callers, explaining to them that no matter how much they may take their comments, the conversation must continue.

She says her goal is to avoid having a repetitive on-air conversation to ensure the show always goes on.

I try to have an ongoing conversation…sometimes people understand and sometimes people don’t.

Nthateng Keogotsitse, radio producer of the Aubrey Masango Show

Great interpersonal skills

Producers say they are often the first to suffer abuse via call screening and on the SMS line.

When listeners call in with their grievances, passionately telling their stories, it’s hard to explain what’s airing and what’s not.

Moagi details how he filters the many calls he receives during the show.

When someone asks about the area they are calling from and they have no power, I want to know if you have reported the problem, who have you spoken to and do you have a number reference ?

Clive Moagi, radio producer for The Breakfast show with Bongani Bingwa

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