Post Office loans for retired

There are categories of pensioners who have different channels for obtaining loans Those of the public administration , for example, can apply for the former INPDAP loan (now INPS), while the Italian Post Office has reserved a special program: the Quinto Bancoposta . What is it about exactly? The Quinto Bancoposta is a loan formula for retired

How not to fall into the blow of the loan

The loan scam is a type of crime so common that it is not difficult to find someone who has already been through this sad situation. With the popularization of Internet use, this coup has also grown within the virtual world. Here's what you need to know about the loan scam and what to do to

See how to solve your debts online and for free

Currently, with the economic crisis, many people are accumulating debts and ending up being denied credit protection agencies, such as SCPC and Serasa. According to information from the Credit Protection Service (SPC), overdue accounts are part of the practice of many Brazilian families. And as most are looking for quick results, they end up in an

Direct multi-year loans for retired

Different needs, different loans In most cases the salary assignment is ideal to satisfy the needs of those who want to keep their pension intact. The fifth assignment, in fact, is an advantageous formula for pensioners: it affects a minimum part of the sum (precisely, one fifth) and allows one to obtain loans without justifying the use

Tips on Second Loan: Understand When It’s Worth It

Most people are likely to need more money than they have or earn at some point, especially living in a country like Brazil, where income distribution is quite uneven. Borrowing money is not a problem, in fact, this has been increasingly common. The point is to know when it is really worth borrowing. It is common

Is Loan Reliable?

Rebel is a new online lending platform that came with the goal of helping Brazilians achieve their dreams in a faster and less bureaucratic way. It is important to note from the outset that Rebel loans are extremely reliable. See of critique. Unlike many other services, at Rebel, the whole process of acquiring and paying