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Art Hounds: royal portraits, radio theater and Latin film

MCAD art historian Jessica Dandona has said that Bobby Rogers’ latest show, “The Blacker the Berry,” is the best thing she’s seen in a while. The show features 10 life-size photographs of elegantly dressed black men and women. Dandona says the images use many Renaissance portrait visual strategies to create a photographic celebration of black identity.

Zeitgeist Director of Community Engagement Ryan Bauers is heading to the latest episode of “Take It With You”, Duluth’s live radio drama show. Bauers says the ironic and witty show always features a stellar cast and great live music.

The final episode? A musical on Thanksgiving. You can watch it live on Tuesday, November 21 at The Underground in Duluth, or you can download the podcast. Bauers promises to listen to it “will make your life 100 times better”.

William Franklin of McNally Smith College of Music is excited about Cine Latino, a four-day film festival dedicated to films from Latin America and Iberia. The festival kicks off tonight at 7 pm at the St. Anthony Main in Minneapolis with a screening of the Spanish film “Summer 1993”. Screenwriter and director Carla Simon will be present.

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