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ACT on Corona Radio Theater: ‘The Headlands’ – SF Symphony: CURRENTS – Elliot, A Soldier’s Fugue

This week on Open Air, KALW’s radio magazine for the performing arts from the Bay Area to Times of Corona, we welcome to the virtual stage of our Corona Radio Theater, members of the American Conservatory Theater, interpreting an excerpt from Promontories, a mysterious play by Bay Area native playwright and Obie Award winner Christopher Chen.

In Promontories, Chen delves deep into his San Francisco roots to create a propulsive and uplifting 21st century noir. We see true crime fan Henry Wong investigating the ultimate cold case: the unexplained death of his father. As he delves into the evidence of the SFPD, he is haunted by the myths and mistakes of his own family history.

A full production of Promontories will open the ACTs In person-season in spring 2021. It will be led by the artistic director of ACT and winner of the Tony Award Pam MacKinnon – who joins the cast after reading to talk about ACT in Times of Corona.

We talk to the conductors Michael morgan and Daniel Barthélemy-Poyser, hosts and curators of CURRENTS, as part of the San Francisco Symphony’s 2020 summer programming.

CURRENTS consists of a four-part video series with accompanying podcasts, highlighting the changing and symbiotic relationship of Bay Area classical music with vital influences and influencers in Chinese, jazz, jazz, hip hop and Mexican.

The four-part series release began on July 23. The first two episodes, Enter the Pipa and Bay Area Blue Notes, are already available online. To come are From zero, on Oaklands Hip Hop culture; and Viva México !, on the multigenerational musical culture of Mexico.

In addition, we are talking about the upcoming production of Elliot, the fugue of a soldier, which opens the Pear Theater season 2020-21, with actors Caroline Morones and Gabriel Montoya. The production was filmed live on stage at the Pear Theater in Mountain View and will be presented digitally from August 14 to September 13.

Elliot, the fugue of a soldier, by American playwright Quiara Alegría Hudes, offers a multigenerational look at war through the eyes of a Puerto Rican family, when Nineteen-year-old Elliot, a recently anointed hometown hero, returns from Iraq with a wound to the leg and a difficult question: Will he go to war a second time?

Open Air, with host David Latulippe; can be heard live on Thursday August 1 at 1 p.m. This episode will be archived there thereafter.


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